The Southeast Florida Trauma Recovery Network (TRN) is an association of our parent organization (Trauma Recovery, EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs - also known as Trauma Recovery/HAP).  Our TRN is comprised of local volunteer EMDR clinicians and consultants who have extensive training and experience in EMDR therapy with special training in the use of protocols for recent traumatic events.  Everyone is vetted with appropriate licensure and insurance.  Our goal is short-term; that is, to offer stabilization for anyone who is suffering from trauma symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, intrusive images and body sensations, hypervigilance, startle response, numbness, etc. and to help bring them back to baseline.  These symptoms cause great distress, significantly interfere in daily life, and do not respond well to traditional talk therapy. We are not meant to be the long-term providers of counseling and would make appropriate referrals if/when needed after we do our job.  We serve Palm Beach and Broward Counties and surrounding areas and are responsible for providing training, networking, community education, and crisis intervention, and were initially formed to address the needs of the community following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.


Mission: To serve those children and adults who have suffered trauma from a natural or man-made disastrous event.

Model: We will provide, pro bono, up to five 90-minute sessions to individuals using early EMDR intervention protocols and, if appropriate, the full eight-phase protocol.


*Please note, our TRN is not currently mobilized but we are considering accepting therapy requests to address the impact of Hurricane Dorian on residents of the Bahamas.  Please check back at a later time or contact one of the TRN coordinators for more information.  

Need help with your trauma symptoms?

If you're experiencing trouble coping with the recent tragedy in Parkland, we may be able to help.