We realize that you’ve likely been bombarded with an abundance of information and resources following the tragedy in Parkland.  There is a ton of information to sift through from all off the various community agencies and support groups.  We’ve compiled some resources that may help you to identify and respond to the trauma you’ve experienced.  As we are a group of clinicians specializing in EMDR therapy, please also see our page on What is EMDR? which gives more information on this powerful and effective, evidence-based psychotherapy.

Traumatic Stress Information

  1. Common reactions from traumatic exposure
  2. Disaster and trauma responses of children
  3. Symptoms of PTSD
  4. What is PTSD brochure

Responding to Disasters and Traumas

  1. Parent guidelines for crisis response
  2. Teacher guidelines for crisis response
  3. Help your children manage distress after a shooting
  4. Manage your distress after a shooting
  5. Tips for talking to children & youth following a disaster or trauma
  6. How children grieve and how adults & parents can support them
  7. How to help a grieving child
  8. Practical suggestions for helping children after a tragedy
  9. For kids who were injured
  10. Police stress
  11. National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children
  12. Resources for Dealing with a School Shooting (this website seems very informative and concise)



We now know that traumatic stress reactions are actually biophysical in nature related to the massive release of survival hormones that flood the body.  Traumatic memories are stored in the primitive, survival-based structures of the brain and do not fade easily the way normal memories do and often lead to symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, raw emotions and physical sensations.  It is very helpful in the immediate aftermath of a trauma to learn and practice simple self-regulation skills that can help in relaxing and calming your system down.

  1. Click here for a page of free guided imagery recordings provided by Health Journeys and the Florida Counseling Association.
  2. Click here for brief descriptions of a variety of relaxation exercises compiled by The Trauma Center at JRI
  3. Click here for instructions on diaphragmatic breathing


Professionals United for Parkland

This is a group of local licensed therapists who specialize in grief and trauma and have mobilized to support the community by providing pro bono clinical services, education, etc.  The website is being developed and the organization is underway to become an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  If you are struggling and need help with your trauma or grief symptoms, call the PU4P Hotline at (443) 390-8343 and a volunteer clinician will help find you to a specialist in the area.  Click here for the PU4P Facebook page and here for the official website.


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