Getting Therapy through the TRN

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of EMDR therapy early on to significantly reduce traumatic stress, with preliminary evidence that they may foster resilience.  EMDR is very effective at providing stabilization and reduction of stress symptoms so that you may return quickly to your previous levels of functioning.  These services will be provided by licensed mental health professionals in the state of Florida who have extensive experience in providing EMDR therapy with special training in the use of Early EMDR Intervention protocols for recent traumatic events.  You will receive up to five 90-minute sessions of single-incident trauma therapy at no charge.  As of now we are using the following form in the website to prompt referrals.  We will also be posting soon a directory of clinicians in our group should individuals prefer to reach out to them directly.

*Please note, our TRN is not currently mobilized but we are considering accepting therapy requests to address the impact of Hurricane Dorian on residents of the Bahamas.  Please check back at a later time or contact one of the TRN coordinators for more information.  

If you do not feel comfortable completing the online request, please feel free to reach out to our coordinator directly to discuss your situation and/or schedule an appointment with one of our experienced EMDR therapists.  Contact info: Brian Gong, (561) 501-1008,