The Southeast Florida TRN will be facilitating no-cost EMDR groups on a regular basis for anyone directly impacted by the Parkland shooting.  We will be utilizing the EMDR Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) which is used in humanitarian efforts around the world and has been researched extensively with Syrian refugees.  G-TEP incorporates a mindfulness and grounding exercise, acknowledgement of inner resources, a positive future orienting exercise, and the EMDR processing of several points of disturbances stemming from the traumatic event.  This is done while protecting privacy—there is no requirement for sharing out loud of any disturbing material or facts.  There are however opportunities for positive and personal resources to be shared in an encouraging and empowering format.

Note, these are not traditional talk therapy or support groups; rather, they take the powerful and effective elements of EMDR and its use of bilateral stimulation (i.e., eye movements or tapping) delivered in a friendly, innovative group format.  We have been successfully treating numerous Parkland victims with EMDR therapy on an individual basis, and this will allow us to assist even more people in alleviating their trauma symptoms.  The plan is for these groups to occur ongoing, every couple of weeks or so and they will be organized based on demographic (e.g., students with students, teachers with teachers, etc.).  Please see the schedule of upcoming groups for more details.

Group Schedule

Sunday, June 10th, 2:30-4:30pm, at the Chabad of Coral Springs

  • For therapists or any helpers working with MSD survivors
  • Exposure to clients’ trauma experiences is inevitable given your choice of work.  Attending this group can help clear away any vicarious trauma symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • After the session, a group of therapists will be going out to a local establishment to share a meal.  All participants are welcome to join as we continue to strengthen our community.
  • Location: Chabad of Coral Springs / 3925 N University Dr., Coral Springs, FL 33065
  • For more info and/or to register, please contact Larry Shrier, or (561) 622-1771.  Participants must sign up ahead of time so they can complete some brief paperwork.
  • Click here for flyer.


Saturday, April 21, 2-4pm

  • For MSD Teachers only
  • At the City of Parkland Library
  • Registration limited to 12 participants
  • For more info and/or to register, please contact Sarah Shrier, LMHC, (561) 622-1771,
  • See Flyer


Other dates TBD